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New to Boating? Tow safely with Prop Alert

Thinking about buying a boat for you and your family? Now you need to decide which is the right boat for your needs. Answer a few questions to choose the right boat.

  • Determine your needs and what you want to do with your boat.  Fishing, water skiing, pleasure boating?
  • Where will you use your boat?  The ocean, inland waterways, lakes and rivers?
  • Do you have docking privileges or will you need to pull the boat when you are finished?
  • How much horsepower will your activities require?
  • Determine your budget.

Still not sure what type of boat you need? Check out the resources below to learn more about available boat options. When you decide on a boat, don’t forget a Prop Alert! Prop Alert is waterproof, made from durable materials and helps your boat be seen up to 100 yards away. Whether you fish, pleasure boat or participate in water sports, protect your investment with Prop Alert.

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