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About Us


Designed by Boat Owners – For Boat Owners!

Owned by brothers, Knox and Jonathan Hughes.  The idea came to Knox when he was following his buddy towing his boat on a  dark and foggy evening. Knox rear-ended the boat due to limited visibility, and realized something drawing attention to the outboard motor would have avoided this expensive mishap.

After bumping into the boat motor at less than 10 mph – causing over a $1200 in damage to my car and the boat – I realized that simple brake lights on the trailer were not sufficient for the safe transport of a boat on a public road.

​Because the boat’s motor is raised, it creates the illusion of more room between the boat motor and a trailing vehicle. It is easy for a driver to misjudge the distance and run into the boat, the way I did. The problem is intensified in low-light conditions and stop-and-go traffic. The Prop-Alert marine engine prop cover solves this problem by drawing attention to the boat motor.

​By focusing on the brightly colored Prop-Alert, not the brake lights that are 4 to 6 feet further away, the driver of a trailing vehicle can adequately judge how far away he is from the boat in front of him.



  • Conforms to Current State Laws
  • Reflective Strips add visibility well over 100 yards
  • Manufactured from Waterproof Materials to add durability
  • 2 colors- bright Orange and Red with reflective strips
  • 7 unique designs- choices on Order Page
  • 2 sizes to fit all props
  • Orders of 50 or more can be customized and receive special pricing
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending
  • Affordably priced with immediate shipping typically available
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