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Boat Prop safety cover

“Danger Zone”

When your boat is being towed, the motor sticks out approximately 4-6 ft beyond the trailer and the caution lights. This makes it very difficult for the automobile following the boat being towed to gauge the actual stopping distance. The result is an accident waiting to happen; ruining your day on the water and possibly longer.
Hazardous conditions

  • Any Automobile following your towed boat
  • Driving in high traffic conditions
  • Stop and go areas
  • Early morning or night time
  • Rain or bad weather
  • Protect your boat and other investments in parking lots and storage
  • Help protect your family from accidents while beached or stowed

About the Prop Alert

The Prop Alert is made with a bright material with reflective strips that easily fits over the prop making the motor more noticeable. This helps the vehicles following the towed boat gauge the proper stopping distance and avoid hitting the motor.  The reflective strips are visible at over 100 yards when headlights shine on the reflective material providing even more safety.


  • Highlights the motor that sticks out 4-6ft beyond the trailer lights.
  • Increases visibility at night, in rain, or bad weather.
  • Can be seen up to 100 yards away.
  • Helps avoid repairs, personal injury, and higher insurance rates.
  • Protect your children from a sharp prop in the water.  Cover your boat prop while it is parked in the water and not in operation.  Don’t forget to remove it before turning the motor on.
  • Conforms to current state laws.
  • Can be used to carry your belongings when you take it off to get in the water.
  • Available in three sizes

Prop Alert is New and Improved

The Prop Alert prop warning cover is made with a bright material with reflective strips that easily fits over the prop making the motor more noticeable.  Prop Alert now features bright orange material with a reflective strip around the sides of the product. This allows for more visibility from the side and makes your motor more noticeable when it is parked to avoid people walking into the sharp prop. Plus, the new side strip adds more durability against a nicked prop.

Available in three sizes:

  • XL 15 3/4″ (typically fits engines 200+ hp and larger)
  • Large: 15 1/4″ diameter (typically fits motors 100-175 hp.)
  • Small: 10″ diameter (typically fits engines up to 50 hp.)
  • The patented design allows for quick and easy on/off application
  • Patent Number: 9,359,053
Prop Alert Prop Cover

How to install and use The Prop Alert

Watch the video to learn how to install and safely use the Prop Alert safety cover during boat towing. Practice towing safety, stay safe, and enjoy your boat. Works with all outboard marine engines and propellers of various sizes. Made with durable, waterproof materials the reflective stripes add visibility to well over 100 yard.

Customer Service Matters!

The Prop Alert stands behind our product. If you have any concerns email or call us.

Help keep your boat safe with the Prop Alert, a new product which cinches down over your prop and allows trailing vehicles to adequately judge how far away they are from your boat’s motor. Made of brightly colored material and reflective strips, the Prop Alert is visible from over 100 yards away and provides safety both day and night. Available in two sizes and a variety of designs, Prop Alert and Flag Alert are inexpensive alternatives to expensive repairs. FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental U.S.