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Prop Alert Testimonials

Prop Alert testimonials from our Customers

Our customers are saying great things about their Prop Alert prop safety covers and its partner product the Flag Alert safety flag. Durable, waterproof and made with high-visibility materials that last, our safety products will help protect your boating investment and keep you safe on the road.

Want to protect your boat? Prop Alert safety prop covers and Flag Alert Safety flags are the right choice.  Purchase one today!

Thanks for standing behind you your product 


1500 miles!
Rain, fog, and rush hour traffic.  This worked perfectly.  Thank you Knox for keeping us safe along the way.


Getting ready to head from Maine to Florida.  Propalert will give us the extra visibility we want to keep us safe on the road.


Just saw your prop alert on Hank Parker show so I just order one thank you.
R. Brown

I really appreciate you coming to my work and delivering the Prop Alert to me. 
You can’t ask for better customer service than that. I will definitely promote it to everyone, it is an awesome product. Thank you for the free Flag Alert too, that is awesome and will go good on my kayak. 
Thanks again.

Prop Alert arrived today. Looks good, absolutely perfect for my needs. Will add confidence and safety on the highway.

Thanks again, will definitely recommend this product to my boating friends.

Mano C. Australia

“Here in Washington state, they have started to ticket the person towing the  boat, if they are rear-ended, do not have a flag on the prop, and the prop is more than four feet behind the lights.  Not behind the end of the boat, but behind the lights on the trailer.  When I saw the Prop Alert, I was impressed with it, when compared to those cheap looking prop bonnets that I had seen before.  It is a better-looking product, and, in my opinion, is more visible.  I knew that was the product that I wanted for my new boat!
David “Griz” Russell

“Perhaps nothing is as frustrating as having your boat damaged BEFORE your vacation ever starts. We were heading to the beach for a week of fishing and boating one summer towing our boat behind our car. At a red light a careless driver behind us bumped into our boat propeller, damaging it. Consequently we had to take the boat to a mechanic before we could even put it in the water. The Prop Alert might have saved us this hassle and disappointment. ”

L. Poole – Winter Park, Florida

“I wanted to email you and tell you thanks for the prop alert. Having it helped me receive payment on a claim. My motor was actually hit even though the prop alert was on the motor and insurance company was arguing with me about the width the motor was off the boat. Once I showed them pictures of the boat, motor and prop alert they were in shock that the person they insured could make such a mistake. I had $5500.00 worth of damage and the prop alert helped force the insurance company realize that they had no choice but to cover the cost of repairs. Again that’s for a great product and I will continue using the prop alert. God bless.”
Russell N

“The prop alert was very helpful though. One of our boat trailer’s running lights had a short. The prop alert was all you could see. Also, we were in heavy rain on the way there. You could not see tail lights or the lines on the road, but you could see the reflective strips.”UNCG Bass Fishing Collegiate Team

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional customer service and to congratulate everyone at Prop Alert on such an outstanding product. I was traveling on the highway recently and saw a bass boat being towed ahead of me with something blaze orange on the prop. It was very visible from a good distance. As I passed the boat, I thought, ” what a great way to help prevent someone from running into your motor “. Understanding the importance of safety, and the value of my bass rig, I needed to look into this product called the Prop Alert I just discovered. Your website was easy to navigate, and purchasing was easy. My Prop Alert arrived in just a few days. I really appreciate you contacting me to make sure my Prop Alert arrived. It will soon be time to hit the road and head to the river, and having my Prop Alert will add to my peace of mind while towing. Thanks again for a great product. Take care and stay safe.”
Dickens J.

“I love the personalized prop alert you guys made for me! I was expecting it to be screen printed so the embroidery blew me away! Thanks again, moments like this make it easy to promote a company like yours!”
Rob Uzzle

Prop Alert Prop Cover
Flag Alert Safety Flag from The Prop Alerts