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Prop Alert Boat Prop Safety Covers

Tow Safely!

If you tow a boat to fish, weekend fun or vacation pleasure boating, you need to be aware of the boat towing laws by state that regulate boating safety. A key component of boating safety is paying attention to state towing regulations. Protect the value of your boat by using a Prop Alert boat prop warning cover to help warn motorists of your extended boat motor. 

Tow safely, prevent accidents, avoid expensive repair bills and keep everyone safe with an investment in a Prop Alert safety cover. Made with durable, waterproof materials, the reflective strips are visible to well over 100 yards.

Each state has unique towing safety laws. Let The Prop Alert help educate you with our handy reference library.



To view the towing regulations in your state, click the state name below. You will be able to view the state laws and print.